Heat rash

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Heat rash

Post by harrisonsandoval »

Gemini A has a severe heat rash. Their forearms in front, some on the forearms and a few on the hands are red spots, very red around them, and some are filled with fluid. It itches a lot. They get dermatography, so they tried antihistamines, but they don't help at the same time. Time, yes, to fix it, but it's been three days now, and they're worse rather than better. I said, go to your father, look after him, if they get filled with pus, your temperature rises or you feel pain under your armpits, go to a therapist.

Poor kid.

There was a time when there should have been a bottle of chamomile lotion in the house, but it is written on the Internet that creams cannot be used. However, a lotion is a lotion. I only have chamomile cream. I wish I had witch hazel. Maybe I'll stop by H&B tomorrow to buy some. This is also useful for their spots.
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Re: Heat rash

Post by Emingcas »

I've suffered from this in the past. I have not found a remedy - the best I can offer is to take a cool shower often.
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Re: Heat rash

Post by Abulaycan »

I am from eastern Europe, and in my native country, it is called sweating, and it is believed that such a rash is normal for babies. My grandmother said that it is necessary to wash the child more often and not dress him too warmly. Now I am a cosmetologist, and I graduated from http://www.nwcollege.edu; and I can say that sometimes delicate skin has just such a reaction to sweat. It is natural and is not a serious problem. You have nothing to worry about.
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Re: Heat rash

Post by Chrystal Walter »

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