What's your Favorite animal

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What's your Favorite animal

Post by Mandepesh »

You can add as many animals as you want.

My favorite animal is birds of prey. They look amazing and cute.
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Re: What's your Favorite animal

Post by ainesbaptist »

Cheetahs are amazing. I love them.
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Re: What's your Favorite animal

Post by operationStone »

My favorites are:
Guinea Pigs
I cannot get over my love for cats, even though they are rather cold emotionally in most cases. I need to mention that my cats are not like that and are more emotionally attached to me than most cats are to their owners. And they are my important emotional support animals (https://www.esaregistration.org/) that help me stay afloat. Cats help me fight depression and anxiety. They also help me wake up daily because they want to eat, and I feel responsible for them. I didn’t think I would connect to them that much, but it’s just the way it is. They are closer than most people for me.
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Re: What's your Favorite animal

Post by nelsona »

My favorite is those that don't post spam fake conversations.

F-off a$$holes
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