enamel camping mugs?

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enamel camping mugs?

Post by ailinmeter »

Does anyone print on enameled mugs, I'm looking for supply recommendations and tips on printing them.

At the moment, the ones that listawood sells look the best I've found, especially for the price, has anyone used them, and if so, how well do they print?

Is it possible to make enameled mugs in a conventional mug press, or does a casing and an oven are required to make lips?
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Re: enamel camping mugs?

Post by salvidormalecha »

Hi. I think this kind of printing is quite popular on various famous sites. For example, you can make a drawing for the future mug print immediately in the editor on Amazon, as far as I know. When my sister was a counselor at a camp in the woods, she used to buy such mugs in bulk and mold stickers with their children's camp logo on them. Perhaps a sticker is also a great idea for a camping mug? I've been buying everything on amazon for a long time because that site has fast shipping and good merchandise from different manufacturers. For instance, I bought these lanterns in bulk for less than a dollar https://www.amazon.com/Vont-Flashlight- ... B089T8HDBV.
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