Creating 3 LLC's, Best Corporate Setup for Taxes, Accounting, Liability

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Creating 3 LLC's, Best Corporate Setup for Taxes, Accounting, Liability

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Thanks in advance for any help. I understand any response is not legal advice but for entertainment purposes only.

I'm Canadian, I've been running a Canadian marketing corporation that markets in the US.

I'm now creating 3 LLCs in Delaware.

1. Life insurance lead gen (we do not sell insurance, we sell leads to licensed brokers)
2. Medicare (same deal as life ins.)
3. CBD (Most like 0% THC, at most 0.3% or less THC, broad spectrum)

And in Canada I would have my corporation.

I am the sole owner/shareholder of all 4.

(These US LLC's were necessary due to buyer of leads being unwilling to work with a foreign corp for the first 2, and the last due to issues getting payment processing mids as a foreign corp.)

Some suggestions I've heard are to create additionally:

1 US holding corp for life and medicare
1 US holding corp for the CBD company

1 Canadian holding corp to move the funds into for personal payment via dividends

I would like to keep things simple.
Are there any major benefits to these additional holding corps?
Anything major I should be aware of, major traps to avoid?


What are the advantages to producing additional holding corps as opposed to leaving
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