RRSP/LIRA withdrawal by non resident

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Re: RRSP/LIRA withdrawal by non resident

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Thanks @Cdninga. I'm going back to my financial advisor at ScotiaMcLeod. I want to get the same as you - wire transfer directly to my US bank.
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Re: RRSP/LIRA withdrawal by non resident

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jcyr wrote:
> Time has finally come to withdraw Canadian retirement funds as a
> non-resident living in the US. Is this information given in 2014 still
> accurate?
> "I'll put aside the issue of "waiting" to take SS/CPP/OAS
> for now.
> Studies I've done indicate that for one living in US, it is best to take
> CPP as early as possible, before taking SS. That is another story.

Could you kindly elaborate on the studies that you have done wrt taking CPP as early as possible? I’m a dual citizen, US resident turning 65 this month. Planning to delay SS until I turn 70, but wonder about CPP timing. I recognize a WEP impact eventually. What has you taking CPP ASAP?

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