T4 and T4A-NR

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T4 and T4A-NR

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Good afternoon,

In the first half of 2019 I was studying in the US as a resident for tax purposes (F1 visa, not citizen). I visited Canada to work a contract for a few weeks, so I have received a T4A-NR at the end of the year.
I graduated school in the US and in September (2019) I have moved to Canada and worked full-time on a work permit (not a citizen). I received a T4 at the end of the year. This is the same employer as the one that gave me the T4A-NR.
I am not sure how many tax returns I have to submit and where I should put the T4A-NR on the form?
While in the US, I had around $2000 income from campus jobs at the university.

Last question: I was told that I was supposed to get a tax refund. Does the fact that I am a year late affect my refund?

Thank you, your help is greatly appreciated.
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