Sailing Permit

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Sailing Permit

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I am a Canadian citizen who worked in the USA on a H1B visa from 2016-2019. In 2019 I left the USA to work in Europe.

For 2019 I filed as a Resident Alien (I still passed the Substantial Presence Test), also declaring my European income from after I left and applying for Foreign Tax Credits (this was processed and accepted by the IRS).

For 2020 I will no longer pass the SPT, therefore I will no longer be a US person, and my intention was not to file anything with the IRS anymore. However, I recently heard about the "sailing permit" which I should technically have applied for BEFORE leaving the USA. As of now, the IRS doesn't know that I am no longer a US person.

My question, should I try and retroactively apply for this sailing permit? In theory all my taxes have been paid so I don't see the point. Should I file anything with the IRS for 2020?

Thank you in advance!
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Re: Sailing Permit

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IN 20 years I know of no CDn that has has to file a sailing permit. Forget about that.
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