Non-Resident buy a home

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Non-Resident buy a home

Post by jade2010 » Thu Dec 16, 2010 11:59 pm

my brother is a Canadian and is a non-resident in US. he will be on the mortgage with my mom who is a Canadian living in Canada now. The house they are buying, mainly for mom to live as a primary residence. Does my brother after buying this house with my mom need to start filing Canadian income tax?

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Post by nelsona » Fri Dec 17, 2010 1:26 am

Little unclear, but I assume you are saying your brother is a non-resident of canada, living in the US?

If so, the fact that he purchases any house in canada will not change his residency, since his US residence outweighs any Cdn ties, so would not need to file taxes. In this case, since it won't even become his home, he doesn't need to worry.
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