Quebec Child Care Tax Credit Question...

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Quebec Child Care Tax Credit Question...

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In the Montreal Gazette a few eeks ago, an article appeared regarding amendments to the refundable tax credit for child care. The article stated: "...for those paying $25 a day per child, it's now pretty much a wash, even if household income is as much as $125,000, because the government has raised the annual fee ceiling for a child under 7 to $9,000 from $7,000 and enhanced the applicable percentages."

Question: What happens if the household income exceeds $125,000? is there some phase out or is it iliterally all or nothing at exactly that threshold? It seems illogical that if you make $125,001 you lose all credits, but this is Quebec and i have been unable to find the answer any where else. If there is a phase out above $125,000 where can one find it and when does it completely phase out?

Thanks in advance.
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The "phase-down" of the credit already occurs at a figure much below 125K. I call it a phase-down since the credit never goes below 25% of the max allowed regardless of income. This is not changing, other than various min/max points.

The 125K figure was the govt's method of coming up with the point at which various enhanced credits/deductions are 'neutral' in comparison to past years. Those making less than this will see an increased benefit under the new rules, those above will not.
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