Form 8833, Form 8938 and RRSP

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Form 8833, Form 8938 and RRSP

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Hello Nelsona,

I am filing 1040 for the first time as a US resident.
I am planning to attach form 8833 with the election in regards to Rev Proc 10-19 for step-up in ACB cost.
I also have an RRSP which has a stock that pays dividends.

a) Do I need to attach a separate form 8833 for my RRSP account? Or is this no longer required? If yes, what is the Article of the treaty that I need to list.
b) Do I need to include these dividends on Form 8938? I far as I know as per treaty they are not taxable, but not sure if I still need to include them on that form.
c) Are Investment accounts, RRSP and TFSA considered custodial accounts for the purposes of the Form 8938?
d) The foreign accounts are only in my name but I am filing 1040 jointly with my spouse. I could not figure out how to specify that they are in my name only as on the top of the form it says "Name on the Return" and it's in both our names and my spouse's name and SIN # are listed there.

Thank you very much!
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