CDN Tax Return - Calculate Foreign (US) tax paid?

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CDN Tax Return - Calculate Foreign (US) tax paid?

Post by cooltoronto » Sat Aug 29, 2020 12:55 pm

Working on TN visa in US. Has property and ties to Canada and also buying investment property in Canada . So we are resident of Canada for tax purposes. We filed the US return and just in process of filing CDN Tax Return. For estimation of tax owing I am using Turbotax Canada software. Most likely will file with an accountant but just using Turbotax for calculation/education purposes.

Once I add Foreign income then it asks for foreign tax paid. In my W-2, I see section : Federal tax withheld, Social security and Medicare taxes and in Column 17 there is Sate tax. My question is what amount should I write in "Section Foreign tax paid". Do I add all of the tax mentioned above or (i) Its just Federal tax withheld or (ii) just combination of Federal and State income tax only.

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Re: CDN Tax Return - Calculate Foreign (US) tax paid?

Post by nelsona » Sun Aug 30, 2020 8:04 am

First, Living and working in US makes one a CDn non-resident. The ties in Canada you mention are insufficient to keep you resident, unless it is a wife and kids which you visit regularly.

If you are still considered Cdn resident, the the social security and medicare taxes on your W-2 are eligilble.
For fed and state tax, the taxes determined on your US tax returns (fed and state) will be eligible for credit, not the amounts withheld.
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