TN visa and 2019 taxes (US / CDN)

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TN visa and 2019 taxes (US / CDN)

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I was laid off from my Toronto job in 2019 and luckily got a job in US within a month in 2019. My wife was working remotely fora US company and the employer transferred her to the US payroll. We are both working on TN visa. We are living full time in US. My 2 kids (11 and 8 yr) go to school in US.

We own a home in Canada which is currently rented. Apart from that home, in Canada, we also booked a new construction home in GTA which will be ready by July 2021. So we plan to stay in US till then and once our new home is built we will leave US and move back to Toronto.
My wife can work in the same company in their Canadian operations and I will find another job.

We are new to US tax system. So I would like some information regarding how to file US 2019 taxes. like using 1040 or 1040 NR form - How we decide to use which one. I bought Turbotax and I tried using it but after few page sit asks for ITIN for our kids to file them as dependents.. As I read, we have to apply for ITIN and it takes about 2 months. That will delay filing US taxes and also Canadian taxes as we have to file CDN taxes due to substantial ties.

Do we really need to get ITIN for our kids and save some US taxes - which will increase our Canadian taxes.

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