Capital Gains - California

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Capital Gains - California

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Filing my 1st California Tax return after emigrating from Canada in 2019.
I sold 4 out of 5 stocks listed on my Canadian deemed disposition forms in 2019, so I will have to declare capital gain on my US & California return.
1. How would I calculate capital gains on those sales for California Tax return:
a) using original ACB converted to USD FX on original purchase date, or
b) using FMV on departure date converted to USD FX on departure date (i.e. stepped up cost basis)?

2. Do I need to add deemed disposition capital gains to my California Tax return for the 1 remaining stock I didn't sell?
I know I don't need to include deemed disposition capital gains to my 1040, but wasn't sure if it's different rules for California.
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Re: Capital Gains - California

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I don't delve into state taxes. Consult California FCB.
nelsona non grata. Non pro. Search previous posts. Happy Browsing :D
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