Need to file taxes in Canada?

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Need to file taxes in Canada?

Post by nkali » Fri Apr 17, 2020 2:05 pm

Good afternoon,

I am posting as I am unsure if I need to file taxes in Canada. I was in the US on a business visa due to attending an international school prior to starting work in the US. Because of this, for the year 2017, I filed as a resident in the US as I met the substantial presence test and my Canadian accountant filed an exit return for me. For 2018, due to my visa status I no longer met the substantial presence test, and therefore I was recommended to file as a non-resident in the US by my US accountant, and did so. When speaking to my Canadian account he advised me that as I do not have ties and do not reside in Canada (and have already filed an exit return), I do not need to file taxes there. For 2019 again I will be filing as a resident of the US as I am now considered a resident on my visa.

Is this correct that I do not need to file taxes in Canada for 2018? Or because I filed as a non-resident in the US I am required to file as a resident in Canada?

Thank you for your help.

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