US/Canadian Dual Citizen Taxes

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US/Canadian Dual Citizen Taxes

Post by ko5555 » Sun Feb 10, 2019 11:45 pm

I'm a dual citizen working mostly in the US, but spent 4 months in Canada working as a contract worker over the summer. I did not have taxes taken out of my paychecks. I worked in the US the rest of the time for the same company and did have US taxes taken out. How should I file my Canadian and US taxes? And what forms do I need for my Canadian Taxes?

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Re: US/Canadian Dual Citizen Taxes

Post by nelsona » Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:41 am

If you were a contractor, then you should not owe any tax in Canada. You may simply have to file a return reporting your gross earnings and then deducting them on line 256. This would be on a non-resident return.

You will of course report the income in US as self-employed.
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