First year filing US and Canadian taxes after marriage

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First year filing US and Canadian taxes after marriage

Post by Anzh » Thu Feb 13, 2020 8:33 pm

Hi everyone! I’m new here and hoping to find some answers. Thanks in advance. Here’s my situation:

I am a Canadian citizen. I entered the US on a K1 Visa in September 2019 and got married in November to my now husband who is a US citizen.
I worked in Canada before I came to the US and I haven’t worked since entry. I’ve consulted CRA and they said I’ve maintained significant residential ties with Canada, but since I cannot be a resident of both Canada and the US, they consider me a deemed non-resident of Canada as of the date I left in September 2019.
I have a house (on a mortgage) and a car in Canada which I have not sold, because my parents live there currently. I have some rental income in 2019, both before and after I left Canada, as I rent out part of the house. I also have Canadian bank accounts with more than $10k in them which calls for FBAR reporting I’m guessing.

1. For CRA, how does this “deemed non-resident status” affect how I would file my Canadian taxes for 2019? Which form(s) would I need to use?
2. For IRS, do I elect to be treated as a U.S resident for the entire tax year of 2019 and file as married filing jointly? Is that the best option? If so, do I report all sources of my income in 2019 in Canada to IRS?

Please add in any information you think I should be aware of in reporting my taxes because I’m really new at all this!
Thanks so much!

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Re: First year filing US and Canadian taxes after marriage

Post by nelsona » Mon Feb 17, 2020 12:31 pm

Deemed non-resident is exactly like non-resident, so for the year of departure you file as an "emigrant", with departure tax etc. Make sure you return any benefirs (GST etc) received after you left.
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