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Post by Cilon » Thu Jan 24, 2019 8:33 pm

Just wondering if anyone knows whether the CRA communicates with the IRS and or trades information?

A little background, We are Canadian and moved to the US, severing all ties for 10 years. Did not file taxes in Canada, did file in the US as resident aliens. When we came home, my wife and son arrived officially and permanently about 6 months ahead of myself. (June 2016) I remained in the US and tied up loose ends etc and returned home in Dec 2016. There were some payments issued to my wife for GST and Alberta Climate rebate. Now they are trying to get the money back from us saying it has something to do with MY 2016 tax return which they assume has "world income" on it. I did have US income of course but was in the US for 357 days of the year deeming me a non-resident for tax purposes?? Am I wrong there. I was told by a CRA agent over the phone to do up a 2016 return and just put all zeros, and that the only reason for doing so would be to have a date attached to my return to the country.
So the big question is, can and will the CRA get my numbers from the IRS?

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Post by nelsona » Thu Jan 24, 2019 11:17 pm

CRA and IRS do indeed share information, but since Canada only taxes residents on world taxes, you are fine. You will simply declare your return date as that date in December when you returned, and report world income received after that date, which should be minimal. You are considered non-resident until that date. Your spouse is considered resident since June 2016. in your case it is quite proper that you each had different arrival dates.

Make sure you keep record of any investments you (or your spouse) held on the day you each returned, as this will be the basis for future cap gains in Canada.
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Post by Mark T Serbinski CA CPA » Fri Jan 25, 2019 11:28 am

Here is a recent article from CBC: ... ocid=ientp

We generally take the position that everything about our financial lives is publicly known, and recommend that you file returns on that assumption.

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