emigrant tax question - did i make mistake?

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emigrant tax question - did i make mistake?

Post by donningray » Tue Dec 18, 2018 9:33 pm

Hi Me and my wife moved to US from Canada in Dec 2016 for work purposes.

At that point we were both thinking of staying temporarily so for 2017 Taxes (we filed around April 1, 2018) we both filed both Canadian Tax returns and US tax returns, claiming the US foreign tax credit in Canada to reduce Canadian Taxes. In Nov 2017, the employer offered to help us get Green cards and we stayed in US for pretty much the rest of Nov 2017 and pretty much all of 2018 cutting pretty much all ties to Canada working there.

However on last years Canadian tax return (2017 taxes which I filed in April 2018), I did not say that I was departing Canada on Nov 2017, I just filed a regular Canadian tax return and did not say this was my last Canadian tax return.

In this year Canadian tax return (2018 tax return that is due April 2019) , is it ok to say that I left Canada in January 1, 2018? and not pay and file Canadian taxes? or is it too late and I should have done it in last years tax return and so I should do a double filing for both Canada and Us taxes. I know that I also need to fill out Form T1161, List of Properties by an Emigrant of Canada but I'm worried did I miss the deadline and will I be penalized?


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