ITIN not renewed yet and 1040 NR questions.

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ITIN not renewed yet and 1040 NR questions.

Post by vinaapathil »

I commute to work from Ontario to Michigan every day(since last new year day). Before that, we lived in Michigan.
I searched for Treaty based tax return invoking article 25(4) in this forum. Thanks for your help guys.

My family information is of the following.

Myself(working in US), my wife(Home Maker) are Canadians. My 4 kids are US(as well as Canadians). We all live in Ontario.

My wife's ITIN has expired last year and she didn't renew her ITIN so far(we might have missed the notice).
She will get her certified Canadian Passport copy by coming Tuesday and She is planning to apply for one by going to HR block
office in Michigan. They say, it will take atleast 8 weeks(or more than that due to the tax season).

I'm planning to file 1040NR by invoking Article 25(4).

Please correct me if I'm not doing the right thing by looking below. I'll appreciate your help.

1) I'm planning to file(mail) on the last date April 17(hoping my wife's ITIN renewal will be processed by the time they look
at my 1040 NR mail in return)

2) Do a Proforma 1040 and my effective tax rate after by kids deduction etc(I'm planning to use 1040 A as Turbo tax provided a free copy at the end)

3) use the above effective tax rate for 1040 NR.

4) The reason, I'm trying to reduce tax rate crazily in US return is because, I put 15 % on my 401k last year and I've plenty of room for RRSP(and using the higher refund from US return, I can put on my RRSP)

Please give me your feedback and pardon me, if these topics have been covered before in this forum. I tried my best to find an answer.
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Post by nelsona »

You do realize that you are eligible to include your 401(k) contributions as deductions on your Cdn return, ibut you must you file the special form from CRA?
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Post by vinaapathil »

Thanks Nelsona!
I found that out on one of your replies to a different post about 401K deduction.

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Re: ITIN not renewed yet and 1040 NR questions.

Post by ryqywo »

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Re: ITIN not renewed yet and 1040 NR questions.

Post by Anonymous. »

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Re: ITIN not renewed yet and 1040 NR questions.

Post by KathleenOddo »

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Re: ITIN not renewed yet and 1040 NR questions.

Post by KiaraRuse »

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