CPA recommendation for U.S/Canada tax

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CPA recommendation for U.S/Canada tax

Post by adeboloj » Fri Feb 14, 2020 12:07 pm


Please can someone recommend a CPA to help out with my taxes this year?
I have handled my taxes since 2016, always file resident in Canada and 1040NR in the U.S.
All the help has come from this forum (thank you guys, you are da best!)
But last year, I moved out of Canada and will be filling a departure tax.
My understanding is that despite moving out to the U.S in the middle of the year, its still best to file 1040 in the U.S.
And file as resident in Canada uptill the day we set out from the country i.e. departure tax.
I have been looking at the whole 1040, FBAR and departure tax, sold a house (capital gain, house depreciation etc) and am not sure if i can do it so am considering a tax help?
Please your recommendation will be helpful.

Thank you

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